Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Look carefully and objectively at your weaknesses, and you will see in them the very real potential for increased strength. It can be painful to confront and to examine your weaknesses, and yet by doing so you’ll begin to tap into the strength and power which lie hidden in them. The pain you experience is the first indication that the transformation from weakness to strength has begun.

What things are holding you back? What things are making you vulnerable to the vagaries of circumstance? Find those things and go to work on them. Put your imagination and your efforts into transforming them.

The very same things which work against you can be changed so that they work for you. The energy which pushes you back can be harnessed to move you forward. Just imagine the power of that reality! Imagine it, and then set about to live it. Have the courage to face your shortcomings, the commitment to overcome them, and the positive results will be dramatic indeed.

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