Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Ask Granny How To?

 As we were walking by the local park, we saw granny sitting with a friend, and thought it would be the perfect time to ask her advice about some daily problems we've been having around the house!

"Granny! Our kitchen has been invaded by the nearest ant nest!"
Granny says: 'Ants hate cucumbers. Find the ant hole and leave cucumber skin next to it, they won't poke their little heads out!'

"Granny! Our ice always comes out 'foggy' and opaque, how can we make nice clear ice?"
Granny says: 'If you want clear ice, just boil the water before you freeze them and keep them isolated, it's the other particles in the water that makes it look dirty.'

"Granny! I got chewing gum stuck on my favorite shirt and I can't get it off!"
Granny Says: 'If you have chewing gum stuck to your clothes, put them in the freezer for about an hour. Then you should be able to simply remove the frozen chewing gum by hand.'

Granny next to her: 'Sorry to cut in, but tell them they can also smear a tiny bit of peanut butter on it and let it sit. The fat in the butter will cause the chewing gum to love its hold.'

"Granny! We have unwanted guests in the house - rats!"
Granny says: 'Spill some black pepper where ever you find mice or rats, they'll take one sniff and head for the hills!'

"Granny! My hair has lost its luster and spark!"
Granny says: 'If you want luster in your hair (personally I prefer distinguished grey hair), add a spoon of vinegar and then wash really well. The luster and shine will reappear!'

"Granny! I can never squeeze all the juice out of lemons, there's always more left over."
Granny says: 'Soak the lemons in hot water for one hour, and then you'll easily squeeze out all the juice.'

"Granny! Remember that shirt I stuck my chewing gum to? Well now I spilt ink on on it!"
Granny (rolling her eyes) says: 'Get some toothpaste and rub it on the ink stains. Then let it completely dry and take it to the wash. If you acted fast enough, you just may get a clean shirt back.'

"Granny! How can I stop my eyes from watering while I cut onions?"
Granny says: 'There are several ways. First you can cut the onions under cool water, and suprisingly, chewing gum while cutting will sometimes lower the need for tears.

Granny next to her: 'Sorry but I'd like to add that you can also light a candle near the cutting board, the fire burns the gases that cause your eyes to water.

"Granny! Every time we clean the mirror, we leave obvious marks on it. How to make it completely clean?"Granny says: 'To clean the mirror so it will look new and shiny, clean first with regular cleaning material to remove the dirt and dust layers. Then mix a glass of vinegar with a quarter cup of water and use some newspaper to gently clean the mirror. After that go over that wet area with a fresh and dry newspaper. The mirror will look as new.

"Granny! I don't have much time and I'm hungry, how can I boil potatoes faster?"
Granny Says: 'Peel one side of each potato before you boil them, and they'll be ready much faster.'
Granny next to her: 'Sorry again, but I'd like to add a little tip - to keep peeled potatos in their fresh white color, soak them in cold water and add a few drops of vinegar before putting in the fridge.

"Granny! It takes too long to peel sweet potatos!"
Granny says: 'Boil them, and then immediately soak in cold water for a few minutes. The peeling will be much easier.'

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