Monday, November 28, 2011

Zappos success story

Zappos success story - Tony Hsieh built $1 billion Company in less than 10 years by focusing on customer service, core values, and treating people with a little respect.

Customer Service Rules at Zappos: Somewhere along with way from selling $0 in shoes to $1billion online in the same year, Tony and the gang at Zappos decided that their brand would be customer service.

Here are just a few of the ways they are re-writing the rules of business:

1. In the United States, they offer free shipping both ways so that you can order a bunch of shoes, and return the ones you don’t want.

2. They also offer a 365-day return policy. Doesn’t THAT cost a lot of money? Of course it does.

3. They make it incredibly easy to contact a real human being. In fact, they train their employees to spend as much time on the phone as they need in order to deliver a WOW experience to their customers.

4. For most customers, they upgrade shipping to overnight rather than standard ground shipping.

By being so damn good that you can’t help but tell your friends and neighbors how awesome this little shoe company is. Your brand is how you treat your customers. And Zappos, as it turns out, is pretty good.

Delivering Happiness: Everything they did at Zappos was geared towards making customers happy. In fact, they viewed every shipment that left the Zappos warehouse as “Happiness in a Box”. There are 4 things that truly impact happiness: perceived control, perceived progress, Connectedness and vision/meaning.

So there you have it - building your brand, culture, and wrapping it in a nice large dose of happiness, really can lead to a business that not only profits, but can take on the world. 10 years after founding the company, Zappos was acquired by Amazon for $1.2 billion. How’s that for success?

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