Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Seven Beliefs of Success

Excrept from the book “Unlimited Power” by Anthony Robbins, chapter 5, the Seven Beliefs of Success:

First belief:
Everything happens for a purpose and a reason. Everything you come across carries at least a seed that surpasses the hardship.

Second belief:
Nothing is called failure, there are results only. This belief is almost the result of the first belief…  It is accustomed that people fear to fail but we still remember that sometimes we wanted something but we obtained something else. Think of it, if you have failed once on something, what have you gained from that trial? No doubt it is experience. Those we fear to fail they create something inside them that would hinder success and this is what stops them from reaching their aim.

Third belief:
Take responsibility in all cases. This trait is found with all leaders. Leaders believe that whatever the results are, good or bad; it is the result of their efforts. If it is not their own work perhaps their way of thinking is the reason. If you do not believe that you can create your own world then you are under the mercy of circumstances.

Fourth belief:
It is not necessary to understand everything in order to be able to use everything. Great Leaders do not believe that they should know everything in order to use something.

Fifth belief:
People are your ultimate sources. All successful folks are well-respected in the world. The way to success starts by gathering a team of your own so you can help and share things with each other.

Sixth belief:
Work is fun. Have you ever heard of a person who succeeds through doing a work he does not like? I do not know anybody. One of the keys to success is to like what you are doing.

Seventh belief:
There is no success without commitment.  Successful folks are those who have strong belief in commitment. If you looked through history famous great people are not the smartest or the best or the fastest or the mightiest but they are strong believers in the importance of duty.

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