Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Diwali Wishes

May this festival of lights bring ever-increasing HESH factor in you lives.(HESH-Health-Excellence-Success-Happiness)
During Diwali , all of us generally take the following actions ---
(i)Cleaning of our house and removing the waste  
(ii) Bringing new useful  things
(iii) Lighting of lamps/illumination 
(iv) joyful celebration 
(v) meeting relatives friends
This  Diwali , let us start similar process for our inner self , our own behavior /our own  nature--
 (i) Cleaning of our belief system for minimizing weaknesses in our behavior -(ALGEA-EIL)-(5+3)
(Anger-Lust-Greed-Ego-Attachment)- (Envy-Ignorance-Laziness)
 (ii) Include  new human qualities (strength) in belief system &  our behavior  -(10+3)
1.Dhriti (Patience )
2.Kshama (Forgiveness)
3.Dam(Control of Mind)
4.Astey (Non-stealing)
5.Shouch (Inner Purity) 
6.Indriya -Nigrah(Control of Senses ) 
7.Dhee (Wisdom)
8.Vidya (Knowledge)
10.Akrodho ( Absence of Anger)
12.Seva (Service of Needy)
 (iii) Lighting of lamps/illumination - Knowledge - Living Life of Awareness -(Hosh Mai Jiyo)
 (iv) Joyful celebration - Joy in everyday life- (Josh Mai Jiyo)
 (v) Life of empathy /compassion -(Prem Mai Jiyo)
Let us hold daily introspection  meeting with "myself" for 15-30 minutes to review and ensure good progress in the above action so as to ensure continuous improvement in our own  life.

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